Tuesday, July 29, 2014

1,000 Video Views?! (Ending ISpy Jamaa Giveaway) Falling Phantom Tips

Hi jammers! I am unable to get on my computer right now because I am in the car going to kings island but I have some of my free wifi data avaiable so that's how I am posting right now.
Today's item is the butterfly balloon hat. I actually think of it as weird because if you look at the butterfly's body it has 3 dots which I like to see 2 because 3 is just too much. I AM NOT A FAN OF THESE BALLOON ITEMS!
I just recently got 1,000 views on my channel! Thank you jammers for this gift :,) I am definately going to have a great giveaway for you guys tomorrow and I will also be ending the other one so if you are any of these people comment below what group of items you want! 
2fangwolf, Kingofthecourt, WhenLifeGivesYouLemo

We got some long usernames here! I also had some other people who entered and also won but I had like 5 comments of the people who won so I just chose the ones who entered first. Great job everyone though!
And now for Tuesday Tips! We have Falling Phantoms! 
First of all try to be a smaller animal because it's hard to see what areas are the hit box of your animal when it's big.

Tip 1: If you go in the corner you have a higher chance of getting hit
Tip 2: Moving all over the place might show skill but it doesn't really help you to not be hit, if you stay in one place you can focus more on the phantom's area of their fall.
Tip 3: Always try to get the gems in the corner and get out quickly if you get trapped you are done for!

Peace, Love, Math.
Questions? Come ask what you want or must know! I will always try to answer it! (Page: Ask Jammer49612) 

 *AJ ISpy (contest)* Enter contest for a chance to win AJ rares! (Page: Giveaways & Contests) 

 *Art & Animation* Come to the page Requests to get a animation or art requested! 


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