Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Animal Jam Times with Jammer49612

Hi jammers! It's me cupcake00014. I am going to tell you about how me and jammer49612 have fun together on AJ. Usually me and her like to play the new adventure, the Forgotten Desert, together. Or sometimes me and her do games together while she is recording for a video to put up on YouTube. Other days we play games in Jamaa that we made up and/or trade in Aldan. One game we made up is a game called Forgotten Buddy Hide-n-Seek. Maybe you will want to try it with your buddies! How you play is you unbuddy your buddy your playing with and tell them to hide in any world. Remember check if you are in the same world as your buddy. Example: Cupcake00014 checked if she was in Zambezi since Jammer49612 was in Zambezi and Cupcake00014 was in Gila. So she changed to Zambezi. (It can't be any shops or water worlds.) Then you look for them and once you find them between around a minute you can hide in any shops or water worlds. If your buddy finds you around a minute again your buddy can hide in any shops or water worlds. DON'T CHANGE WORLDS! Example: Cupcake00014 is playing with Jammer49612 and Jammer49612 decides to go from Burke to Aldan. Finally Cupcake00014 decides to give up because she can't find Jammer49612 because Jammer49612 CHANGED WORLDS!!! Hope you enjoy this game and I hope to play it with you! (P.S. Remember to buddy you buddy again because one time me and Jammer49612 forgot to do that but eventually remembered and became buddies once again!) =) Also probably you just want to play with your buddies that you know very well but you can still play with other buddies you have in your buddies list. Well that's all I have right now. Bye Jammers!

Peace, Love, Cupcakes!
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