Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Jammer's Story

Hi jammers. I was thinking yesterday of a great plot for a story that involves Animal Jam and real life. I hope you like the first Chapter of my story!

If you want to know when I will post next one it will be every Wednesdays and Sundays. So I don't forget I will have a reminder on my phone.

Chapter 1:

Hi I am a average jammer that plays Animal Jam I have many problems I meet face to face in my aj life. My best Animal Jam friend I ever met is my buddy worldlonguser. Together we got in touch one day at Skype and make videos together often since then. We have been best buddies ever since I started Animal Jam. And have explored a lot together since then. 

"What a great day it is today! I am AchievingJamaa aka achievingmore on aj and I'm ready to show you a marvelous first video today!" I say opening my first video, "What do you have to say worldlong?"

"I agree! Can't wait to show the world my worldlong skills!" Says worldlonguser.


"Well anyways on this channel we will be trying to get all what Animal Jam has to offer like achievements and plushies." I say.

"Let's go for best dressed first Achieving!" Worldlong says.

"Okie dokie!"

World and I go and play best dressed and man oh man people dress random! And people must have voted the random people because we only won when we were random. Hopefully my mom gets me a membership so I can get more votes like how arctic wolves do. Just for now I will just let WorldLongUser be the member.

"Ok world, have anything else before I end?" I said.

"Yes." World said, "Always dressed random!"

"Lol, I know right." I said, "Hope to see again in my next video bye jammers!"

I click the done button on screencast-I-matic.

"That was a great first video am I right?" World says determined.

"Yes indeed. Get on at 7:00 pm or 5:00 pm your time ok?" I say.

"I will try we might I have dinner around then." 

"Ok just text if you can or can't." I replied, "I have to go to bed now, bye."


I click end on the skype call.

In my mind I was thinking what I should add and what I should stop. Then immediately I noticed I should add a box called the random box to show what things I'm talking about! 

I went right down stairs and got a post it note to write it down on. I also wrote to ask if she was in the beta days. I soon got to a post it note full of ideas to use for the next 5 videos. I was impressed of myself. It will let me have a great sleep tonight!

End of Chapter 1...

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