Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Evil doin' Hat

Hi jammers! I had some fun with today's random item. Late day Saturday.
I also tried out some practice with my new photo editor, Pic Collage. And this hat reminded me of some evil doer, so I made some outfits. Or change the l to an s and you got bowser, that akward spike turtle dude thingy. 
A normal black one in wolf form. Hehe mustache.
And my favorite Animal Jam colored one, white wolf. And I just noticed after 2 years of playing Animal Jam that the nose is the color of the first color. Wow, I am a bad noticer.

Oh and good news! I am going to add something after every post now showing open contests or open requests! Hope you fellows like it!

Peace, Love, Math.
Animal Jam ISpy: Enter our contest for a chance to win good Animal Jam Rares! (Link in AJB's pages)

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