Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Update - Non Mems Get More!

Hi jammers! What a wonderful day it is, the day after I froze myself after being outside for about 2 hours. So let's move on to topic.
A water den for nom members?! This is great! I can see the smile on my nom mem buddy's faces :3
*Turns page*
Wow! They have brung some water items to nom memberity! And a new welcome thing!
*Turns page again*
Oh wow my wings are gonna be famous *o* brb jammers gonna check out what today's item is. (I am only doing it this time no other time)
A den item then a clothing item. Sweet!
The eagle's beak seems a little off but in a way I love them so much! Safer Internet Day cool! Ok let's see how many people ignore it and scam that day.
This is great now if you are doing a project on animals or the world around you AJ Academy can help you a lot. Or just learn for fun with their worksheets and neat vids (I am sure not much of you play AJ for learning but it's fine I don't really either)
What a wonderful update if you ask me I will check out the friendship party soon to see if there are any added items. Bye jammers!
P.S. See some snow rollers :D

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