Thursday, February 20, 2014

Eagles... EVERYWHERE. Literally.

Hey jammers! Eagles have come! And with it a new journal.
Diamond shop sadly not all can get it luckily I saved mine up and so did cupcake. Here are my eagles
*flips page*
Emerald ring, cool but a little too square... Oh dragon gloves are back let's see the raging rare freaks now.
An ad no one cares about…
Swoopy Eagle is a copy of the rage quit game Flappy Bird which was taken down from the App Store. I forgot to check out the chat system today and I can't til a little while because…
It's for every world which there are only 5... FIVE!
For a second i thought they ment new lands no they literally can go into unexplored areas they can go EVERYWHERE!
Unopened adventures...
Swoopy Eagle is also above the entrantence by the snake.
Hi Mr. Elephant!
Peace, Love, Math.
More about update when I can get on a non full world.

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