Thursday, December 4, 2014

Non Member Trident?! And Jingles :3

Hi Jammers!
I have found an item I have
never seen before!
I swear I have not!
Today's Jamaaliday item
is our good new jingle bell braclets!
Haha our next non member spike lol
I am surely gonna make a outfit
with this item on Sunday's post for
The Non Member Field Guide!
Then next AJHQ gives us back the
permission to buy our ornaments back!
Last time they took then away cause
We had them up during New Years!
We all know better now :3
(Werid nm Trident)         (Trident)            

Next I found this werid trident
on someone's list.
Is it a new item?
Where did it appear?
Is it from and adventure?
When will this be solved?
That seems a little too...
Coldened Witch
Items: 3
Straw Hat: 450 gems
Jamaaliday Scarf: 350 gems
Phantom gauntlets:
 Search for Greely Hard
Total: 800 gems
Note: This outfit is great for any of those
late timed spooky parties!
Jamaaliday Beach House
Items: 5
Jamaaliday Hedge: Dec 1st
Lit Palm Tree: Coming back soon
Pet Tree: Journey Book
Total: error
Note: This design is non member!
It is also great outside of a den
in an open are of grass.

Peace, Love, Math.
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  1. It's part of the Brigade Armor set you can earn from hard mode on Turning the Tide

    1. Ohhhhhhhhhhh!
      Thanks I had no idea! I had not played it yet :P


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