Saturday, December 13, 2014

Quick Search & Find Jamaa Post!

Hi Jammers!
So Sorry for lateness again I have been
working more towards YouTube Today!
Search & Find Jamaa!
Graceful Pathway, rare find jammers,
Jammers need work on grammers,
Found by a forest, which also inhabits thee of magic.

(Don't forget the first one to call out the location wins a small rare!)

(You can see where I stopped trying)

P3ac3, L0ve, Math.
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  1. Hmm... This could be Jamaa Township... Not sure..

    1. Yes! Great job! I will be sending you the rare soonly!

    2. Thanks! Still, you saw the ''n'' in your google doc? I am sorry, I was making so many mistakes that day, It happened accidently.. Sorry, again..

    3. Nah that's fine it was an easy fix :)

  2. is it in canyons pathway?

    it never lets me follow your blog grr

    1. Hmm........

      If you usually follow blogs by using the followers gadget on the blog, then try following the blog by using the Blogger Dashboard and copying and pasting the blog URL into the "Add" box to follow more blogs. I use the Dashboard method because the other method doesn't work with me as much as the other one.

      But then one time I tried both ways to follow Pepsi's blog (another blog) and it wouldn't let me follow it. (Stupid Blogger. >:T). So if that's the case, then I don't know. (I'm not good at being helpful with things. XD). Perhaps try contacting the people who run Blogger? idk

    2. Good try but it's not quite! Aww and that stinks I hope Google can fix that.

  3. I view this blog basically every time there's a new post, but I like never comment. So...

    Hi. owo

    I think it's somewhere in Sarepia Forest because it tools like the case of a tree trunk. Sarepia... Trees... Yeah. XD


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