Monday, December 22, 2014

When AJHQ runs Outta Ideas...

Hi Jammers!
Busy times animating late these days and then I am going to Cupcake's House tomorrow, so don't be supeized for these delays for posts!
Woah woah woah!
I thought today we were suposed to have our rare... Oh wait WHAT!!! How is this possible!? 2 items in a rare item Monday day, lol that sounds werid. That cray cray.
Anyways this item is werid as it has an awkward > shape on the right and left side of the center of the tiara. Then a flower for a snowflake!? I know it suposed to be a snowflake in all together, but it just makes this look spring like!
Holy crab legs that was long!
Next as we go on with our post we get a candy cane in a cupcake!
Lol great to sign that I am going to her house tomorrow XD
Then, I thought Animal Jam was supposed to be about animals! Not humans like Santa! Wait wait wait I forgot about contest brb.
Yeah, they are over, sadly I didn't get in and voting is over too.
Wow... Just wow.
A normal Santa hat with JUST AN ADDED GREEN THING!?
I am not making an RIO out of this, sorry.
I just don't want to have to use and waste my gems for this.

(I will be starting Den features and it will be changed every Update! Either tell me in the comments a den you think is really epic or your own epicly designed den! The featured den will be the one I think is best that has been sent to me in between the update!)

P3ac3, L0ve, Math.
Questions? Come ask what you want or must know! I will always try to answer it! (Page: Ask Jammer49612) 

*Den Design Contest*
Do you enjoy designing little designs? Then you will love to enter in this!
Page: Giveaways & Contests!

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  1. I love your new blog look edits hint and your new header they are super awesome


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