Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hard Working Elves?!

Hi Jammers!
o3o 2 hour delay I am so lucky
Today's gift is an already brought item from last year, well at least it was a good one from last year it's a rainbow .D.
Hey maybe Santa should use this and the conductors be the reindeer XD
what in the world!?
I kinda think this looks like a messed up sandwich with the colors they chose. Red ketchup, yellow mustard, green lettuce. Ok brown hat and brown legs and watch out for Jammers XD 
The Working Elf
Items: 3
Elf Hat: 250 gems
Jingle Bell Necklace: 500 gems
Rare Top Coat: 950 gems
Total: 1,750 gems
Note: This outfit is good for the long worked holidays over break!
(Really idk what it's for)
Jamaaliday Fire Place
Items: 6
Fire Pot: 350 gems x2
Star Pillow: 250 gems
Fancy Fireplace: 650 gems
Total: 1,600 gems
Note: This Design is best on a wall inside any cozy Jamaaliday Den.

P3ac3, L0ve, Math.
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