Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sweats, Item Judgements XD

Hi Jammers!
Today's item is the Jamaaliday sweater
for which I used a pic of it
from last year to show it :P
These items were
NEVER my favorite,
they were my least favorite.
Seriously just more human clothes on
animals which is kinda messed up.
And last of all, look at them.
3 of them have nearly the same color.
These should be changed.
Now today's item is the fun grateful
return of the Jamaaliday lights, which
gave us a great way of lighting up our
den for us non members and us
members too!
Gotta use this for a design :3
Jamaaliday Gift Rug
Items: 6
Bag of Gifts: Dec 3rd
Leaf Rug: 350 gems x2
Lit Palm Tree: Not Out Yet! x2
Jamaaliday Lights: 150 gems
Total: 850 gems
Note: This Design is great for any
flat wall space (wall like: _) or any place
inside a den in a corner like:v
Ah man not thanksgiving!
Leaving: Thursday
But but but fall. No NO NOOO!
Wait wait wait... What about the leaf rug?
It's not leaving. What.
Leaving: Saturday & Friday
Well I never used this anyways to
be completely honest.
Seriously, it looks like someone copped
off Liza's head.
Leaving: Next Tuesday
 Same with this ^^^
Leaving: Next Wednesday

Peace, Love, Some Items.
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  1. Yup! I am not a big fan of these either-the jamaaliday sweaters..


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