Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Animal Jam vs Reality of Arctic Wolves

Hi Jammers!
Argggggg! Why did it barely even snow
yesterday D:< why you bug meh!!!
Today's item is the slightly too big(way
too big) snow flake! But what is up with
the strings why are they coloured? Why
are they not just black!?
Seriously, this is gonna bug me!
Aww yes the fluffy things!
The Jamaaliday Fluffmuffs have returned
from last year! But caution! It is in the 
Mt. Shiveer Shope :3
Yeah that place is just a troll XD
Lighting up the Jamaalidays!
Items: 6
Jamaaliday Shrub: Dec 1st
Lit Baobab Tree: 250 gems x2
Scented Candle: 250 gems x2
Jamaaliday Bells: Dec 10th
Total: 1,000 gems
Note: This design is good for any snowy
area with an outside wall for the inside!
Snowy Paw Table Set
Items: 6
Paw Print Vase: 300 gems x2
Umbrella Table: 500 gems
Circular Chair: 350 gems x2
Snowflake Decorations: Dec 11th
Total: 1,800 gems
Note: This design is best placed inside
in the corner of 2 walls like this: ^

Animal Jam vs Reality
Reality: Arctic Wolves have rounded short ears to keep from heat loss. And also fur for body warmth.
Animal Jam: Arctic Wolves have pointed ears and lots of fur for body warmth.
[Heh what's logic?]

(Yes ik they look a little round but they look more pointy to me)

P3ac3, L0ve, Math.
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