Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bags of Gifts of Scarves of Designs :3

Hi Jammers!
3rd day of Jamaalindays!!!
22 days to Christmas :D
Today I am sorta mad at this
because I wanted this to be in the 
diamond shop not to return in the daily 
Eh oh well :( I guess they didn't
Have time to make another
daily Jamaalinday gift...
Well anyways today we got the
Jamaalinday scarf returning!
I like how
it's red on top now instead of the last 2 
years of pink!
Because for non member boys it just
didn't seem quite so fair!
And not even for some girls it felt fair!

Holiday Pet Playhouse!
Items: 8
Pet Wood Cabin: 400 gems x2
Patched Rug: 350 gems
Scented candle: 350 gems x2
Gingerbread an Streamers: Dec 2nd
Pet Tree: Journey Book
Total: 1,850 gems
Note: This is best to be placed in the 
corner of a wall indoors like ^ that, or just 
outdoors in an open grass area.
Scented Leaves
Items: 4
Leaf Rug: 350 gems
Scented Candle: 350 gems x2
Cornstalk Lantern: Out of Adventure!
Total: 1,059 gems
Note: This is best placed indoors I an out facing corner like v that

Peace, Love, Math.
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