Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pairs, Yums, Items Galore and Some More!

Hi Jammers!
Yipee our Jamaaliday Update is finally
here! Come on we gotta explore it!
Oooo nice intro to read
hehe I wish it was
as good as AJHQ made it sound :(
To be honest it's just little diamond things
Not really much.
(Diamonds :(  )
So Ajhq is trying to lie to us saying it has
special floors...
To the ones who have been here
since last year this makes it sound like a
whole new den!
Yet it's not.
Like I didn't see this coming :T
Wow diamonds again.
At least make it non member of you
are gonna make it
diamond, ok?
Then yes!!!! A new game!!
I love how it's in the buddy games!
(Did anyone else look all
over Sol Arcade for this XD)
(I did :P)
(After Sol Arcade Search:)
(Hmm so it was there all along)
You start of like a normal memory game,
cards are laid out all over a space.
Then next you look for matches and
don't forget second turns when you find
one XD me and this other jammer did lol.
(One up there)
Then now the Jamaalidays Party returns!
This party was always one of my
Favorites! So much food .O.
Then today all member jammers get a
diamond and a candy cane fences!
Forgot to photo that lol
In the normal Jam Mart Furniture,
we have our litt... NO NO NO
Our big tree for a wooping 600 gems
that's quite a lot!
But it is tots worth!
Omg finally after months of waiting to see
what long bows were for it has been
reviled! It was for the shop of for where
AJHQ takes back their diamonds
Oooo it seems like there another new
item here!
Also chillin'
We got dá Panda claw in the house
Lol well I am just hoping ajhq makes
claws for member animals too!
Cause I want a Snow Leopard Claw lol
Santa's Waiting Seats
Items: 4
Star Pilliow: 300 gems x2
Patched Rug: 350 gems
Bag of Gifts: Dec 3rd
Total: 950 gems
Note: This design is best for anywhere in the middle of a house! And it is also Non Member :D

Peace, Love, Updates.
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