Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Added Decor in Forgotten Desert!

Hi Jammers!
I might not at all be able to post tomorrow and the next day for a kinda actually good reason, it's Christmas!
Tomorrow I am going to be at many things though.
Today we can now see why yesterday's rare was a scam of gems! Come on you could've saved like 700 gems!?
Plus this you can color customize.
Yay lets all be samara cheaply XD
Yay another repeat...
We even got a better blue colored one is stores why do we need this? I mean the pole part of it looks like that Michael tire mascot dude. Though the the mailbox is overall werid the bow is adorable!
Not exactly sure when AJHQ did this but, we got some new items decorating our eagle adventure! They actually look really cool!
I hope AJHQ can put these in stores! Ooo I can imagine the den designs!
Wintery Bird Feed
Items: 8
Jamaaliday Bird Feeder: 400 gems x2
Winter Fire Pit: 550 gems
Jamaaliday Planter: 400 gems x2
Jamaaliday Lantern: 400 gems x2
Thin Pine Tree: Jamaaliday Rescue!
Total: 2,950 gems

(I will be starting Den features and it will be changed every Update! Either tell me in the comments a den you think is really epic or your own epicly designed den! The featured den will be the one I think is best that has been sent to me in between the update!)

P3ac3, L0ve, Math.
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