Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bipolar, Thought Changing in Between, Update :P

Hi Jammers!
I forgot we were gonna have an update lol.
Today's gift is the wrongly colored Giant ornament. No seriously, it's miss-colored. On the real this it is striped for some reason here here here have a look at it in my inventory!
Da poop?!
Well after nearly a year and a half the foxes take their title back. Wow these kids are cute tho! Just look at them here •D•
I gonna die again like yesterday XD
Oh we'll never mind cause this fox has gotta have that rude attitude! Wow so mean so army like and wants to hurt everything gosh fox I didn't see you to become so terrible :/
Umm ajhq to let you know we have had this adventure for over a week I don't think it's new XD
Well last week they never said anything about it 0-0 hmm... what's ajhq trying to tell us!?
Aww yes, come on search along with me! I will show you when ever any shop gives out or when any daily gifts give out in multiple or single colors! Come join the dark side we have presents >:)
Speaking of presents this is today's clothing item XD what in the world!?
Aww well anyways what's up with the top one!? Why you be curved!!! Lel dats gonna bug me forever.
*cough* *cough* not *cough* too much scamming *cough* werid new rules *cough* make next year better plz.
Yeah if you call the best year this year you better look how much more drama has came in! Seriously ajhq give our chat back! Or upgrade it!
Omg look how many nm items! It actually overpowers the member items! And and and they actually look decent!!! Yeah!!! This is the best time of the year OH MY GOLLY HAVE A HOLLY JOLLY CHRIS... JAMAALIDAYS THIS YEAR!!!
Yeah :D
Woah woah woah wait stop the clock! A lit reindeer thing! And it's nm?! Woah!!!! Ajhq has turned awesome in a couple of mins XD

(I will be starting Den features and it will be changed every Update! Either tell me in the comments a den you think is really epic or your own epicly designed den! The featured den will be the one I think is best that has been sent to me in between the update!)

P3ac3, L0ve, Math.
Questions? Come ask what you want or must know! I will always try to answer it! (Page: Ask Jammer49612) 

*Den Design Contest*
Do you enjoy designing little designs? Then you will love to enter in this!
Page: Giveaways & Contests!

 *Art & Animation* Come to the page Requests to get a animation or art requested! 


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  1. The den items are the best part about today's updates, I have to say. So many nonmember ones! Way to go, AJHQ! ^D^


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