Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pop goes Animal Jam!

Hi Jammers!
Lots of jammers including me had a bit of trouble getting on yesterday!
I am also having trouble getting on today!
It's not even my Wi-Fi!

(Also if you look on the sides of this post you will see some new stuff like my schedule! I am getting this because of my Poll for how you rate my site and I am adding more cause someone thinks I can do better and I also believe that too so I am!)
Yesterday, this has popped up on multiple jammers, including me!
No one knows what it meant but I am guessing they are just checking accounts for behaviour.
And also i accidentally clicked bubble chat and meant to go back to Safe Chat but this popped up :/
Anyways, today's item is the Wood Burning Stove!
And also a glitch look at the members sign! Aaa smoke you do what you want XD
Heater for Air Conditioning
Items: 3
Fire Pot: 400 gems x2
Wood Burning Stove: 550 gems
Total: 1,350
Note: This would be best placed in an extra room inside a den.
Non Member Entrance
Items: 4
Fall Wreath: 350 gems
Mailbox: 300 gems
Feast Corn Tjing: 350 gems
Umbrella Holder: 300 gems
Total: 1,300 gems
Note: This would be best Placed in an entrance of a den
Fall Arch
Items: 3
Fall Archway: Twists and Turns
Fall Wreath: 350 gems
String of Leaves: 300 gems
Total: 650 gems & Life
Note: This is best placed AS the entrance of a den.

Peace, Love, Math.
Questions? Come ask what you want or must know! I will always try to answer it! (Page: Ask Jammer49612) 

*Den Design Contest*
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Page: Giveaways & Contests!

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