Sunday, November 30, 2014

As November Ends

Hi Jammers!
Today seems like a big day for lost items,
sad to see them go :(
Today's new item is the Snowy,
Snowboarding Helmet!
Find some slopes in Jamaa and you can
go ahead a take your snowboard right on
them but don't forget safety or do
and hehe. Ouch ouch ouch no safety is
best way way way best way.
:) it's NM for you guys!
Harvest Hangout
Items: 10
Windmill: Journey Book!
Rake & Leaves: 400 gems
Stone Chair: 350 gems x2
Harvest Lantern: Adventure is Out! x2
Bunny Fence: Return of Phantoms Easy
Seasonal Tree: 300 gems x3
Total: 2,000 gems and Life.
Note: This Design is best placed in a 
harvest like den and should be placed in 
an open outdoor grass area.
First we give out our goodbyes to the Tiki 
Alphas. Good times with you.
Fun Tiki days infact I shall make a den design tomorrow in favor of you!

Leaving: Friday, Saturday, Sunday,
 next Monday, next Tuesday, & next
But then... These though.
Once the start off, always the start off

And we still have the little golf guys
from last week's leavers
Glad to still see them here,
but they don't have much time now.

Leaving: Tuesday & Wednesday
Then yes, our little ely claw,
our fun little times for the humongous
small plushies comes near its end soon
full of rainbow fun plushies!

Leaving: Thursday
Aww yes, topaz.
It has been a great month with you!
So sad to see you go so fast!
I will always remember this month well.

Leaving: Today

Peace, Love, Math.
(Changing Banner for the Season)

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