Saturday, November 22, 2014

Leaves and Waterfalls :3

Hi Jammers!
Barely made this post on time!
Few! Oh and I am doing part of a new thing today!
Unsurprisingly the maple leaf rug has sprung on back! (Crap wrong season)
To be honest I wish AJHQ added fuzzy marks on it :P It also looks more of a non member item in my view...
Hmm wonder how fuzzy it is...
:rug whole self on it:
Cozy Fireplace
Items: 6
Fire Pot: 400 gems
Circular Chair: 350 gems x2
Scented Candle: 250 gems x2
Maple Leaf Rug: 350 gems
Total: 1,950 gems
Note: This is a great den design for any place inside of any den! Good for keeping warm on those snow days as well!
Search & Find Jamaa!
Where could this be?
It seems to be on the edge of a rushing fall that may have made a pathway.

The first jammer to correctly describe the location of this area will earn a small rare!


  1. Replies
    1. Correct! sorry for late response darn google didn't notify me D:(
      I will be sending you a small rare :3


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