Sunday, November 16, 2014

My Brother Tries + Hold your AJ Clothes in Seconds! (Not really)

Hi Jammers!
I haven't posted since the last update!
Yet though I also had like 4 projects all due the same day and I couldn't post sorry Jammers though!
Oh and it also was Cupcake00014's B-day on the 14th! I was at her party (in real life) then as well
Today's item is the all brand new, next best thing, greatest invention! Of the Wood Coat Hanger!
Right as your buddies walk into your door you might see their clothes all soaked in the snow from the wild outdoors.
Now you don't have to worry about all those messes to get on you perfectly clean furniture!
Go buy the Wood Coat Hanger today!
(I think I have really improved on my writing skills :D)

Never say: "NO NOT FROZEN!" In Jamaa if you hate frozen...
Don't suffer like as me and many other Jammers have ever again.
Call 7::957($;/@ today and help those who have suffered this by donating 77,747,777,633,377,012 gems to the NO MORE FROZEN Charity now!
(No injuries actually occurred...)
Beach Signalling
Large Cactus: 200 gems
Bamboo Chair: 350 gems
Bamboo Patch: 350 gems
(Wut up with 350 XD)
Which Way Sign: Twists and Turns
Total: 900 gems & Lifewaste
Note: Put this at the start of a beach-like den to have a cool design!
And my brother tries to animate, let's see how it goes...

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