Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Corn that is Fruit

Hi Jammers!
Can't wait for tomorrow's update which reveils the mystery then next update we'll have polar bears :3

Today's item is the corn full or fruit!
Darn it a commercial is about to go on

Commercial: Are you a rabbit and sick or all the corn people throw at you to eat? Don't you just wish they gave you an actual feast?
Well now you can get your feast from them! All you have to do is find whipped cream and place it on your mouth and then arrive at their house the best day!
Finally the commercial is over..ugh.
Commercial: Do you...
*punches commercial man*
Ugh now I have to do the commercial... 
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Pillow Circle
Pillows: 75 gems x7
Bean Bag: 300 gems
Lilly Rug: 350 gems
Total: 1,175 gems
Note: Place this on the top level of any den or if in single level den, where ever you have bedroom.

Peace, Love, Math.
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