Saturday, November 29, 2014

Fluffy King and Search & Find Jamaa

Hi Jammers!
Seems like my week of Thanksgiving is 
not busy much today!
Woo time for a post!
Today the times of the fluffy war ends!
Our great fluffy leader has returned and 
now claims the throne to leader of all fluff
loved jammers!
Hehe lol anyways these boots remind me
so much of the ones I wore in 5th grade!
The pink and the snowflake on it!
They are identical!
Oh yeah and thanks for the reminder Ajhq!
All news crew entries for winter fashion 
are due tomorrow jammers!
Don't forget to enter!
Cactus Farm
Items: 13
Bunny Fence: Return of Phantom Easy
Cactus Fence: 300 gems x5
Bamboo Patch: 350 gems x3
Large Cactus: 200 gems x4
Total: 2,550 gems
Note: This design is best to be placed outside your den room and good to be in the end wall of the den.
Search & Find Jamaa
A river flows nearby these rocks. Vines
grow by from ancient times of ruins in the
past. Jammers used to play a fun quick 
game using boats for a race.
Where could this be?
(Remember: First to find location of this photo wins a small rare!)

Peace, Love, Math.
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  1. For the Search & Find Jamaa, the place in the picture is in Jamaa Township near to club geoz and at the edge of the Lost Temple of Zios.


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