Thursday, November 6, 2014

Corn... Nuu... Plz!

Hi jammers!
New adventure for all out now you will learn about it.... Right after... Nuu COMMERCIALS STOP IT!!!!
Have you and your friend been recently scammer and have you suffered severe sadness? Call AJHQ now for items back guarantee!
Awesomely stealing the front page is the sky Kingdom WOOP! If you want to check this den out I really don't care about getting a polar bear and I bought this lol
In the center majestic mira stands,
As she gracfully lands,
On nearby stone,
To show she is known.

Lol I'm a poet :3
Now from our spoils a little back we have lions and polar bears, not gonna lie the polar bear is kinda freaky, in my opinion.
Cause it's like a little too... fat...
But omg the lion is so flipping adorable!
But but but I have already had to go to 2 mazes of corn already this year!
My nightmare isn't over 0-0
Save me!
Ok fine I'll do it for the post .-.
I don't want more corn nightmares D:
What a day oh cool there's another chest.
Why you do this Animal Jam!
Ok hair salon, items are sorta creepy.
And ooooooo!!!!! Sale for diamonds that's like less weeks for items :DDD!!!
Yay you saved me lifes!
Oh my lord.
Why is it human heads!?
I thought this was ANIMAL jam!?
I didn't know they changed it to HUMAN jam!?

Peace, Rage, Why!?
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  1. When is the stinking mobile app GONNA come out??!????????

    1. Omg I hadn't thought about that! But they said October D:
      Ajhq why you lie D;

  2. Also I agree the polar bears do look freaky to me to if they r in the diamond shop i a, GONNA screen!!!

  3. Omg!! The polar bears are very much freaky! They are my fave animals but in AJ, NOOO! How much is the sky kingdom?

    1. Sky kingdom is 7 diamonds, but it is tots worth it if you are addicted to designing like me lol


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