Friday, November 28, 2014

Jammer Central Art

Hi Jammers!
I have decided to do a new thing involving art. I will do this once a week

All the art is by the original drawers and is either from jammer central or a drawing sent to me at
Our first picture of art is by Victory.

Victory brings us the feasting look of the scouting wolf in the dark night sky. With its sharp yellow fangs it is sure to be successful in its hunts.
Next we have Bouncing.

Bouncing is here to give us a view at the peaceful riffles of the oceans. The moon then soon gives off its bright like reflecting into the water giving us our bright colored waves.
Now we have another Victory.

Our other Victory comes here to give us a view of their fluffy wolf. Her wolf seems to have came near a pond searching for Jammers to play with. Will her nose give her the correct location?
Next another Bouncing here gives us a 2 way display,

It seems like cat has two sides of her from the looking of Bouncing. Fear; showing the ways of life that bit by bit destroys her freedom. Then the other side happy giving a view of the cat's good times in life.
Next up, Countess!

Countess shows us a wolf's nature. The sun shines brightly onto the coat of the white and navy blue swirled wolf. Grass surrounds the wolf giving a good place for hiding.
Last but not least we have, another countess!? What's up with twin names!?!

Countess shows us the beauty of Fall with the showing description of a small Autumn leaf. Red, Orange and Yellow sure to give a sign.

Peace, Love, Math.
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