Monday, November 17, 2014

Flying Underwater Bats that Live in a Pineapple Under the Sea

Hi jammers!
Eeee sorry if this seems brag-ish.
Today brand new item is the rare Salamander Gills from the exact gills of a rare salamander!
Who cares if the salamander is rare lets just... Ok this is getting too weird I am stopping...
Now for a weird glitch from the helmet made of shells from an unknown thingy...

Look at the two white pearls the large one is white but it has blue above it.
Now look at it on my penguin:
The spikes are blue!
For all the shell helmets look at the color above the largest pearl to get the correct spike top color!
Hope this helps you!

Now we rush onto the
RIO (or the Rare Item Outfit for those of you just visiting now)
Flying Under Water Bat that Lives Under the Sea
Shell Helmet: 300 gems
Water Wings: 200 gems
Rare Salamander Gills: 975 gems
Total: 1,475 gems
Note: This outfit is good for any sort of underwater party that is there just to have fun!

Peace, Love, Math.
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