Thursday, August 7, 2014

Turnin' the Tide, Otters, Den Previews, and More!

Hi jammers! Welcome to not late update post #2! XD

First we are gonna start off the next big thing in Jamaa! A new adventure! Now let's go see my opinions on it while going through it. :P
No, I never did that hehe 0-0
K, k.
Correction, PHANTOM SWARM 0-0
Finally I got the swarm away.... Phantom biker what in Jamaa!?
Ooo! I love this building! Good job ajhq!
Mk now to explore more!
Talk much? 0.o
Ooooooooo! Even prettier!
My favorite thing in this adventure!!!!!
Now to get down to dizzyness
One more now!
I never have the animal with me -.-
And done!
Gold key! I thought the skeleton key would be more white!
XD there's more than one!
Ugh work. Nope you other ones do it I already freed you I'm done here XD jk
Omg Omg XD they are too funny. If you had a bad day go and play this XD
You can always count on (myself, anyone) me. B)
You can don't worry a bit!
More like a sack but ok...
Phantoms you stink.
K gettin' closer.
Yes I'm done!
Mm hmm
Yay home!
But first,
Lemme take a selfie BP
Oops I deleted Graham's chat DX
Greely you too much into phantoms :T
You te.. Ugh.
It's never visible :T
Omg, you have to watch the video!
Warning your computer might not load the following text:


I wanted Egypt! We already had like 4 ice cream items!? Why do we need 10!? We had no treasure stuff! Man people aren't good at seeing logic!
The ice cream like seats don't even make sence T.T I am not going to buy or want or trade or get traded any of this.

Why don't people see logic in items!
Miss Peachylily, spam much XD
Yay Adoption week! And what!? Den preview!? That is just too much AJHQ! How? Do? You? Be? So? Awesome!
Celebrate the pets forever!
I hate the spinner -.-


  1. I voted the Egyptian Treasure too. And I LOVE the new Adventure, epic, epic, epic! :D


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