Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Leaf Fan and Otter Thoughts

Hi jammers! I have been busy with getting my school supplies set for today the past few days and I have been having my running everyday but Sunday, which packed up my schedule. >.<

Today's item is would've been nice the past few days but no -.- It was over than what my place usually has. And not many people are used to it hmm I am guessing its gonna troll us today again ;3

                    Desert Cool-Off
                   Leaf Fan: 400 gems
         Large Cactus (x2): 200 gems each
                     Total: 800 gems 
Now for otters, one of the most adorable animals makin' it's way to jamaa tomorrow! People are theroying that's its gonna be for non members but this is less likely because ajhq made that animation of it.
Then they are also theroying that it's land and water, yes this is true from the leaked photos.
Then they are theroying if it's gonna be diamonds, again the animation makes it most likely.

Peace, Love, Math.
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  1. I was thinking of how aj hasn't added a nonmember item for a few weeks and then I come here and they did XD THE FAN LOOKS SUPER COOL

    1. Yeah fans :D if you click on it, it turns on :3


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