Sunday, August 3, 2014

Art Contest, Tiki, Ski Outfit!

Hi jammers! Life is good with a working puffin :3
Today's item tops off the tiki table set with the tiki chair. A really good price knowing it's as much as a wood chair. Oh and it's nm! That's great! Gonna make a nm den design on Wednesday ;)
Today is my lucky day man! First the collar now 3 diamonds!? Brb gonna play hours of Forgotten Desert XD, but of course I'm no gonna miss this post!
Now did you notice the beta den party has just recently gotten music? I wish they had a little record player to buy the music :(
Now today's outfit is a skier of some fashion types:
Hollywood Star Skier
Snowboard Helmet: Out of Stores!
Ribbon Scarf: 500 gems
Leg Armor: 80 gems
Total: 580 gems
Aww yes! I was able to make it and get the BETA party new item. I have a feeling the shop is gonna be as large as the normal shop we have now! In my opinion I don't like this jar :T

Peace, Love, Math.
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*Art Contest*
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Page: Giveaways & Contests!

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  1. Wouldn't it make sense for the tiki table to nonmember since the chairs are nonmember

    1. Yeah it would but you know ajhq they gotta make is so u have to be member to get the whole set :T

  2. Happy friendship day to all of you... Even if we never were friends, nobody is a stranger, no one can be ignored because even a single person in our life is our friend even our enemy....
    i learned a lesson today.... my friend called me and i asked my mom to tell her that i am asleep(a lie) i was not in a mood to talk to her... but the reason she called me was tp say happy friendship day.... i was so embarrassed.....

  3. And serieously my smart phone is wet with my tears all over it because im so embarrased of what i did.... :-(

    1. Don't worry! We all make mistakes! I make lots.. I would used to always lie to keep my friends to like me in 4th grade because I was bullied and I didn't have many friends to know. I learned my lesson next year

  4. Well im so excited today finnally i will get my computer fixed again xd!! it wont take much time.... i will be back on animal jam and blogging again:-) and btw im commenting on my smart phone...


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