Thursday, August 21, 2014

Otters, Hard Mode, Tavie, and More!

Hi jammers! Luckily I got up early to get some picture so I could do today's update post :D

Today's item seems like it's the first of alpha portrait set. To me only seeing the head is kinda creepy and stalky. But it would look less like that is it included the neck.
Taking the title is the otters! Jamaa's newest animal and probably the most cutest too! Cutest depends on how much you like it though :)
Next we have the obvious otter exhibit and the not so obvious mini book! Let's explore the otters actions now.
First of all yes this is diamonds as I suspected in yesterday's post on theories.
Standing still. (Bad quality >.<)
Sleep <3.
Hop :O
Play :3
Sit :D
Next we got a sale and a challenge! No not the ALS challenge. (Which I am sure someone from school is gonna nominate me DX) It's the hard mode for Turning the Tide! Wonder what the prizes are. New video of adventure fast play will be out tomorrow :) 
Now we have the alpha spotlight with I though ajhq forgot about because they could've done the other land alphas. But certainly ajhq was awesome and brang it back! Thank you!!!!
Also ajhq has made a new trade system! Oh wow the username coverup failed DX! Well thanks for the trade so I could see part of the update...
Then the last page we have it about the Animal Jam outfitters. I don't have much to say about it.
Here's my otter.
Here's a glitch.
Eep school is starting! 

Peace, Love, Math.
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