Tuesday, August 12, 2014

On the 12th day of Ice Cream

Hi jammers! I can't believe it but I have been doing early posts so much! T.T so proud of me! Djjcjf to the post!
Today's item is the wait a second... Ajhq it's sundae not Sunday XD what in the world since when has ice cream been time! Ice cream tube traveling would be tasty :P
And if you didn't already know ajhq added new music to the beta party! But they didn't bring out the music. I really enjoy this music. I also enjoy the music at the wolves only party! I hope they can bring them here soon :)
Now today's tip is on both best dressed's! But this update the 2x gems is ONLY for the under water best dressed not the land. Sorry guys :(
In best dressed people mainly look at your clothes in resond to the theme, but I look into the matching more! People end up making the wackiest of all outfits when it comes to only the clothes mattering in my view. But how you can solve this is by trying to take at most 3 different coloured items (if theme is not a wacky or silly theme) and at end find a pattern that fits the outfit. And colors that match the clothes. But then you also need to look at how the clothes look like.
If you look here at Fuzzy, my leopard, you can see how the star cape is far too small compared to its size. Then there are also over sized items like bunny hats on foxes which seem to just have not too good of a propose in most outfits. 

Peace, Love, Math.
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