Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bamboo and NM Tuxedo Outfit

Hi jammers! I feel great today, I am gonna try to post a little more on YouTube though so today will be kinda short.

Today's item is the member version of our little bamboo which left. But it's member and not potted. I still like the potted ones more. But I am definately gonna use this for the entrance of my den! I want ajhq to bring items like                                               these more often.

                                         Patched Tuxedo Rabbit
Patched Hat: 350 gems
Ribbon Scarf: 500 gems
AJ Wristband: 300 gems
Total: 1,150 gems

Tip! This outfit can also be easily arranged in many colors! If you are nm and want a colored scarf or just any item just comment her your username and the item you want in which ever color!

Peace, Love, Math.
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