Sunday, August 10, 2014

More Ice Cream... & Custom Intros n Outros!

Hi jammers! I think I am doing real good with posting now! I used to only get half a month with posts but now I have like 3/4 to 5/6 of the month with posts :D

Today's item we have.. Ice cream...
How in the world is that ice cream!? It looks more like those hanging lamps to me, please just bring out the Egyptian treasure instead of item knockoffs. Please! 

                                           The Worn Farmer
Straw hat: 450 gems
Quilted Blanket: 500 gems 
Necklace: 45 gems
Total: 995 gems
Note! If you are a non member and you can't color your clothes just come and ask me here or send my a letter saying Jam on! Letting me know you want me to go to you and give you colored items!
Now since it's adoption week, I am gonna make a cute pet outfit every other day for the rest of this update!
Now have you seen and or heard? I am taking requests for custom intros and or outros! If you go to the YouTube Intros & Outros page you will find the form! but watch this video too, it explains a lot of future appearences with the requests!

Peace, Love, Math.
Questions? Come ask what you want or must know! I will always try to answer it! (Page: Ask Jammer49612) 

*Art Contest*
Want to possibly win some betas for a simple art request?
Page: Giveaways & Contests!

*5,000 views Giveaway!*
In need of some items? Come enter to have a chance to win 1 of 4 betas/rares! Page: Giveaways & Contests

 *Art & Animation* Come to the page Requests to get a animation or art requested! 



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