Friday, October 10, 2014

Tutu, Pumpkin, Rug! ;3

Hi jammers! Lol I thought today was Saturday and I started freaking out cause I couldn't find my XC clothes XD!

Today item in lá treetops of the forested Saperia is the 
(awkward) surprised Jack-O-Lantern
And drum roll please!
*da da da da da da da da*
It's for non members :D
Omg another non member item! This is a record! 
Oh and this item is located in the Australian area of Jamaa 
Haha you'll never find it!
Wait what's this, you did?
Aw man, I wanted to mess with you.
Oh really tutu really you had to mess up the non member item fun just really -.- and you even look worse than them!
This is totally messed up! 
All the cool items non member today and then the worst is member?!

Peace, Love, Math.
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