Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tiki Booth, Masks, and Rude items!

Hi jammers!
Puffin is still a pain cause I have to put it on cellular data to load .-.

Today's item is the vampire mask!
And I really just really don't think this item looks that great on things...
It's like saying:
Hey guys lets put a plate on our face!

Tiki Booth
Small Shelf: 250 x8
Corner Shelf: 250 gems
 (in top middle corner)
Tiki Umbrella Table: 550 gems
Scented Candles: 350 x2
Total: 3,470 gems
Note if you replace the tiki umbrella table with a normal tiki table (nm one) and then the candles with tiki torches you can have a nice Non member den design!

Peace, Tiki, Love.
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