Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Have a Derppy Early Halloween!

Hi Jammers!
I forgot some homework at school yesterday and it's due today .~. 
To make it even better that class is first period...

Today's derp is the Dino skull mask, it's so cute omg the little spots in front though!!!!!!!!
I love it lots to much lots overload liking!

*we have suspended you for 1day for* inappropriate behavior on liking someone! This is not a dating site!

Lol jk
Now for you seating awaits at the Jamaa den shop! Your seat awaits you now!
And for 50% off day djjjjjjjjj randomly in the den shop!
So that's right you can get your chair for 200 gems instead of the original 400.

Wish this was real lol
Dressing Room Elite
Large Trunk: 650 gems x2
Stain Glass Lamp: 450 gems x2
Gem En-crusted Rug: 800 gems 
Royal Archway: 700 gems
rack of Clothing: 750 gems 
Rack of Rare Clothing: 1,500 gems
Total: 5,950 gems
Note: If you go short on cost get the smaller treasure chests and use the rug u get as you first start and get only the normal rack of clothing.

Peace, Love, Math.
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