Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Derp Masks Again :3

Hi jammers!
I got my homework done in class yesterday no one notice, hue hue hue.

Giving up for derpa is the robot mask!
This actually looks like a show I forget what it's called though! 
This is gonna haunt me forever :(
Lol like yesterday a derp mask and a spooky item :3 
But this ain't no ordinary item!
It's a couch!
*leap in air onto couch*
Finally it's back!
Now you can make all ur animals skeletons or!
Get a long now and a skeleton suit!
And you get yourself a skeleton from minecraft!
Wall Planter
Glass Stained Lamp: 450 gems x2
Royal Archway: 700 gems
Vine Planters: 300 gems each
Wall planter: Cosmo Adventure!
Total: 1,900 gems
Note: This item is get for any nature type dens! Place 2 of these side by side with space in the middle a put in as fountain to make a fun design!

Peace, Love, Math.
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