Sunday, October 12, 2014

Evil or Angry or Insane? Pumpkin Madness

Hi Jammers!
I have been having the sniffles for a few days now and a bloody nose I had late Friday so I wasn't in the mood to post yesterday :(
Hmm this seems to confuse me...

This looks more evil than the one above... I really think they should switch the names or call them both insane because what in the world is with these pumpkins!
Oo this table looks good for some den designs!
I must try it out!
I must try it out now!
Window Side Table
A pumpkin: 200 gems
Floating Candle: 150 (idk) gems x2
Haunted window: umm... 250 gems?
Total: 750 gems
Note: good for many indoor decor for haunted house.
Then last but not least the cute-ish looking skeleton mask! Just look at it! Eee it's too much!

Peace, Love, Math.
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