Monday, October 20, 2014

Icey Balloon, Sewage (gross! >.<), and Airplanes :D

Hi jammers!
Ok now all my sports and parties are done so I am gonna be posting next weekend!
Today's rare is the rare icey phantom balloon!
It makes a super good outfit with a newly released item which is the flaming pumpkin head, lol funny name.
Here I will show you it!
Halloween Pumpkin Warrior
Flaming Pumpkin: 600 gems
Spiked Collar: out of stores!
Legendary Glove: 3 diamonds
Rare Phantom Balloon: 900 gems
Bone tail: 1,000 gems
Total: 2,500 gems and 3 diamonds
Or 6 diamonds
Note: this outfit would be great for many halloween costumes for any Halloween Animal Jam party in a den!
Then whoa, 2 items on a Rare Item Monday! This is more rare than a spiked collar!
Lol Animal Jam similes.
Anyways I just love the little phantom guy on the top of the cover it looks so cute!

Now another item for any playful otter or flippery penguin, squishy Octpi, or floppy dolphin, or even a gingery hungry sharko!
Let's make animals machines! 

Sorry I don't have time for more! Bye Jammers!
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  1. Plzz if anyone is reading this gift or trade me sewage lid i am summoning the lost jammer my user is


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