Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Polar Bear & more Spoils! Oh and a Mask.

Hi Jammers!
Puffin has been acting weirdly for a few hours but luckily I got on for a short while to just get the pics for this post!

Sadly (over sad) AJHQ is back at 1 item a day D: (actually I am happy because now I don't have to freak out cause I forgot an item...) so let's just make November go faster into its holiday. Lol


Wow... Kinda werid... But ok then... Red eyes and white kinda freak me out a bit... Its head is fully connected onto its body but you are still gonna have the shading separate it... Wow that's a little odd of a style you made there...
This reminds me of those cute adorable lion baby toys you see at Toys 'R' Us! For once the pet is better than the actual animal! What kind of world do we live in!!!
Oh my god. Oh my god! OH MY GOD!
:passes out:
Aww ok!
:starts a spongebob voice:
I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready!

If any of the following stuff above caused you serve confusion blame my brother, for no reason.

Piece, Lauv, Mahth.
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