Thursday, October 16, 2014

Flower Fruit Smoothies, Witches Brew, and Wing Return

Hi Jammers!
Sadly the update chain had to end and there will be another update on the 23rd possibly witch (see what I did there XD) is on a Wednesday which might possibly be when the animal jam app comes out that allows you to get on Animal Jam from a hand held device!

Now todays we got the epic fly back thursday with our Flyback we are going to show, but not just show we our going to bring back the epic dragon wings!
(Omg I'm so sorry.)
Ooooooopooo! Me like this! I was just about the make a Witches brew den design with a fire drum but now it's gonna be with this instead

Witches Brew
Seasonal Tree: SALE! 1,250 gems x2
Spooky Tree: SALE! 1,000 gems x2
Cup: out of stores (replace with: 
Red Painted Pot: 250 gems x2
Green Painted Pot: 250 gems x2
Banyan Tree: 500 gems x2
Bubbling Cauldron: 1,250 gems
Creator with meatior: SALE! 1,250 gems
Epic Wonders Orb: SALE! 1,250 gems
Total: 9,750 gems
Note: for the sake of saving gems you can take out the banyan tree and the seasonal tree! Best place for this would be outside a front door.
Flower Fruit Smoothies
Smoothie Machine: 3,500 gems x2
Lobster Claw: 350 gems x2
Daisy Rug: 400 gems
Large Planter: 700 gems x2
Total: 9,500 gems
Note: best to be placed right after start, for short cost take only get 1 smoothie machine.

Peace, Love, Math.
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