Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Non-Beta Beard and Awesome Den Loop Thing!

Hi Jammers!
Omg I am so sorry for not posting! Weekends are not the best for me I have soccer and cross country tied side by side so I am just trying to post on the car rides there :P
Notice I uploaded a gif of today's item?
Do you know what I got back? :D
My computer can finally now Sceen Shot again! I had no idea what the problem was before but I am guessing it's cause I put in a new keyboard and it just had the fully conect (it is a wireless one)
Anyways, in my opinion this beard is creepy o3o
Say hi to the non beta beard XD
Now next we go and meet Bluerugshop's Den and find a portal...
Let's go through!
 Wow, there were so many tables! Hey look another portal!
Omg trees! Yay :D! oooo this is really cool wonder what's next!
Eh I am not much a fan of learning but it is cool! Let's go on shall we?
Oh cool so many portals! XD 
btw they all lead to the same one :P
That musta tooken so long to get every singles plushie!
Speaking of which, I wonder when the otter plushie will come.
Let's go on.
Aww cute! I love nyan cat! Let's go on to next one!
Ahhh! Evil Tac nyan! Don't you darn steal my cookies, let's hurry!
Aww we gone stuck :( can you help me? NO! This blog is not going on to the dora theme!!!
mmmmmmmmmm! Cake! Oh and don't click use arrow keys to move or you might get a little stuck X3
No it says Hi this is random whoops! Well that's the end of the loop den! I am thinking of making one how would you guys like if i did so and posted a video on YouTube of it?
I am probably gonna start to make it Tuesday :D

Peace, Love, Math.
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