Thursday, September 11, 2014

Girly Gilbert!? (Hehe Pokémon taking me XP)

Hi Jammers!
Omg I am so sorry I have not been active on animal jam much!
The reasoning for this is because I just have been looking and playing many other games like Pokémon since many people on AJS had played it. 
And I ended up getting addicted :P
Today's item is the female version of Sir Gilbert! Or just what it looks like... 
But it also looks like Minecraft because its pixel-like appearence. Then let's add Pokémon into this >:D 
It looks like a Persian 
Then I feel like I'm getting a welcome back from ajhq!
Thanks for 500 gems!

Then I also have to say bye to our great welcomed items. :(
Peace, Love, Memories.
But today's post ain't over yet!
I still have one more thing for all you wanting more since I didn't post.
Ancient Spinx Chamber
Egyptian Spinx: 600 gems
Papyrus Scrolls: 400 gems
Wall Torches (x2): 80 gems each
Bunny Drum (x2): 350 gems each
Total: 1,610 gems

Note: I done have much time today since it's late but tomorrow is gonna be a huge post with Den Designs Galore!

Peace, Love, Math.
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  1. please buddy me im whightfang i really like pokemon and i would love to role play or chat about pokemon wih you!

  2. I am sorry but I quit Animal Jam :(
    You can see the reasons on my last post here


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