Thursday, September 18, 2014

Monkey pets, Pandas Comin', "Spot On" game, Coming The Night of the Phantoms, and Fall!

Hi jammers! 
So glad to be able to post this large thing! Hope you likey ^.^
Today's item is the wheelbarrow planter!
Great for older style Design in my eye :P
Be seriously this item is designed amazingly!!! I like how the wheelbarrow is more designed and the plants are 2D-ier it makes it look like it has awesome come off paint!
Then now let's have a moment of since for our leaving friend.
Ok now taking the spotlight is the monkey which left right around exactly a year ago which I think makes since but then pandas I think are a little earlier than a year if they come back next week. Anyways let's move on.
Omg a game!?!? Yassssss!!! 
*sprints to Kimbara Outback*
Yesss! Here it is! Looks good so far!
The grey has got to be endangered, right?
Idk I haven't gotten anywhere :P
Oooo I like this so far!
I had a 101 gem total 4/5 = 80% on birds before this.
Eh I can't see marine well...
Good good but I could get better.
Oh yeah here's my sweet spot!
Oh zios I stink XD
See my totals •3•
I stink lol.
Shouldn't this finch be named???
Oh cool an achievement! Haha yes I found 25 animals :D
Now did you hear? 
The fluffy pandas are returning! Yay!
The animation is so adorable ^.^
Now for the last page! The return of the night of the phantoms (lol title paradody of return of the planet of the apes).
And fall is here! 
Now for me to freeze my bottem off ;-;
And AJHQ adopts an otter because of
5,000 jammers danced in the carnival as otters with wacky hats! 
I wish I could've participated but I was gone before I knew they had done it!

Peace, Love, Math.
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