Sunday, September 21, 2014

Pokemon me :3, TBA?, and Golden Bulky Phantom!

Hi Jammers!
Busy weekend as always but next weekend is gonna be easier!
Today's item is the bulky phantom and I am sure, after tomorrow, that AJHQ is gonna bring out the rest of the gold phantom family!
Flower Garden!
Banyan Tree: 500 gems
Passion Flower: 350 gems x2
Large Planter: 700 gems x2
Wheelbarrow Planter: 550 gems
Total: 3,150 gems
Note: Add this in an open spacing on the outside of you den to make a nice hang out area for your buddies!

Now let's go on to some weird stuff!
(Photo credit to the Animal Jam Spirit)
TBA? What's that?
TBA stands for To Be Announced and is an acidentely send out adventure. AJHQ is still working on it and that is how the TBA name was made.
As seen in this picture lanterns and unfinished art is shown.
Coding was still being worked on as you may see they have also been working on  the art too.
Ajhq has thankfully finished a part of it though!
(The following photos were found on the web)
They have also not found a show up picture for the adventure either and the joined people is also glitched as seen above. All the people are the same although they aren't actually in the real Jamaa world.
Then just like the eagle adventure it is timed but why is it only 12 minutes and why is Liza ???

Coding is in the process and they are finding out the amount to put in and the name to have speaking.
They are also coding a no cheat system.

But now the time when straight from 12 minutes to 1 second?!
Ajhq had also been coding what actions will happen too, like how it said "I'll say this at end then disappear" this is part of their coding!
I also tried on my fire animation! Do you like me as a pokèmon? :3

Peace, Love, Math.
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  1. I can't wait for tbA to come out!!!!!!

  2. Replies
    1. You make them by using a program that allows you to have photos go on for .1 seconds or less, the less amount of time the better. Then for the actually animation just make 1 picture slowly move to the next one, more frames the better depending on how much time per photo.
      Here are some free programs i sometimes use: animation creator (free verison...) this is an app for Apple devices, Windows movie maker (came with my computer), and for my gifs like the one above I use the first result I get when I google: free gif maker!
      Hope this helps!


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