Monday, June 2, 2014

RIO - Propeller Penguin

Hi jammers! I was originally going to do my post early near 6am eastern time but then I had to go to a running conditioning. So.. Yeah...
Today's rare is the funny coloured propeller! Kind oceanly coloured if you ask me. Also did you know, this is actually the first NEW item in underwater clothing stores for more then a month?
I had a glitch while taking this photo. The jellyfish had no eyes XD. One thing that bugs me about the land and water animals is that they both have the same color fur/details, on and off land. It's hard to find two different outfits with the same matching colors.
Oh and I found this weird thing. The 0s are now 's. This really annoys me! I do not like the look of ' by /s. 
Story time! I have this cute, little, whittle, house wren that lives in my bird house. They (I don't know their gender) love living there very much, they are also very used to me now and they now greet me by jumping on my window screen trying to get it. This is my favourite little fellow I have ever seen.

Peace, Love, Wrens.

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