Sunday, June 8, 2014

Leaving, Ivy, and Eagle Tips!

Hi jammers! I am sorry to tell you but, I am not going to be able to post for a week. I really wish my camp allowed electronics, but it doesn't. Then OF COURSE...The week of the update. But if you are asking "Jammer! Why doesn't it allow electronics?!" It's an easy answer. They want you to make new friends they don't even put you with people from your school with you. Well, if you want to know what camp it is I am sorry I don't really want to say because I am not sure if it is just in one place or multiple places, so I don't want stalkers.
Today's item is the wall ivy. A great it for nature dens and for corners of walls in Cosmo's Den. The color change is in the pot not really a mater because the ivy covers it.
And look! It's non member! This is a great non member item. Here I will make a non member layout for you fellows who can get memberships.
Wall Ivy- 300 gems
Bamboo- 200 gems x2
Potted Plants- 275 gems
Total: 975 gems
This will be best places in the corners of a naturistic den. In all corners of a non member den it will cost 4,875 gems (counting corner by door and popped out corners.)
This Tip is great for those of you playing the eagle adventure. If you are having trouble sitting on the giant rock thing or on cacti/a cactus. This tip will be great for you!
When you are flying around with phantom  gauntlets, you have a circle type thing under your feet. The circle tells you where you will sit, helping you sit once instead of 2,3 or 4 (me). To show you it works:

See you late Friday!
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  1. I love your blog just wondering..... can you please visit my blog and comment there. be a commenter in my blog please and tell your buddies about it. Plz cause no one visit my blog......

    1. Great Blog! It seems very new, I hope you can become more widespread in your blog and help many others with AJ! And btw I love the name of your blog :D

  2. Umm.. Thanks uh actually the blog is not new... so i guess my blog is you know not as great as others but no one visits or comments thats why i feel left out and dont be mor interested in making my blog as great as i can make it

    1. Don't worry! Just because no one visits doesn't mean your blog isn't great! How I got people to visit mine is I try to let others know about it and ask blogs that showcase other blogs in a page to add me to it, but even if no one comes I still have fun posting!


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