Friday, June 6, 2014

Busy Makin' Vids and Viney Lights

Hi jammers! I haven't been posting on a Animal Jam Buddy but I still have been being active. On what you ask? On YouTube. Sorry I was just too busy uploading videos instead of posting. But hey! At least I was active...
Today's item is the vine lamp. (Looks kinda thick...) The thing I am wondering about it is how can a light fit in there 0,0
Then I have a glitch to show you. Sorry it's blurry but my computer can't screen shot anymore. So I can't really take pictures that we'll. That's why I use Puffin and the app version of blogger, this helps me so I can post on my bus (when I am in school) with cellular data/LTE/3G.
Oh oh oh! I remember when I took this picture I wuved it so much! The moon came out glowy. It was also a full moon so...yeah...

Peace, Love, Math.
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