Sunday, June 15, 2014

Gazelles are Back, Plz Don't Quit.

Hi jammers! I am back! I would've posted on Friday but I was too grumpy and tired... I nearly got my iPhone tooken away. And I know you guys don't want a boring post :D
Yes it is true... They are back...I really don't care about rares so I am fine with this. (I kinda wanted mech helmets back...)
But guys plz don't quit. I know you might like rares but what is the use other then outfits. Being/Becoming the rarest doesn't matter! And I really love (not dating wise) you guys! When I wake up in the morning I always check my comments in my emails and on my blogger dashboard. When I see a compliment comment (oooo tough twister!) I smile and my heart rejoys! So please don't quit I always have loved you jammers :)
And this glitch was fixed but this was on land items! Ya! Land clothing items! It was cray cray!
And if you don't know here are the new adventure's prizes. (I <3 you ocean chest!)
Do you think I can? I have already started it about half way I have got about 16 of them in and there are 28, just a bit over half. Here let me show you!
How ya think of it :D and note to self don't work on in the car or you will get grease stains on it... Oh! And I love how well I did on my dragon!

Peace, Love, Math.
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*Art & Animation* Come to the page Requests to get a animation or art requested!



  1. you are my art inspiration and i love the commission you made me <3

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