Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Inflatable Snowman + Rare Jamaaliday Top Hat

Hi jammers sorry about yesterday, I was having a sleep over with my friend and had a race to run at 9:00am. Well back on topic. The amazing jamaaliday gift for today is...
The inflatable snowman! If you are making a snowy den put this outside your doorway and their a perfect Christmas decoration. Today's rare is so awesome a made an outfit out of it.
Top hat! :O For then I remembered that the rare winter coat had the same color combo and I got this outfit;
Pretty awesome don't ya think! :D Don't mind if you don't like it, because it's your reply not mine. Well here's yesterday's item and jamaaliday gift.
1 diamonds? Silly AJHQ, it's 1 diamond not 1 diamonds. 
Here ya go jammers something to decorate your jamaaliday tree. Well that's all for now, bye jammers!
Don't forget the giveaway ends Christmas click copy paste this in to your URL website thingy to go to it. v

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