Thursday, August 8, 2013

Is New Jammer from AJHQ? + Update!

Ok I am so confused of what is happening They have a space in their username and it says it was sent by them. I thought it was sent by Animal Jam HQ?
Well I have no idea now for the update! New Spike Collars in different colors! A shop in Kimbara Outback! Also the update took for ever to get finished. I went to bed after 30 mins of waiting. And my favorite part is.... BEST DRESSED HAS DOUBLE GEMS!!!!! Finally a game that is easy to play with double gems! Bad news... Today at 1:40pm AJB time my username was changed to Jammer49612. I am crying I don't know what i did T^T!


  1. That new jammer thing really annoys me! Also what inspired you to make this blog? I think it is great!

  2. When I saw other jammer's blogs I thought they were great! And then asked my mom if I could make a blog and she said yes and I asked my friend what she though the title would be and I made a list of titles and we chose animal jam buddy as the title

  3. Today There is about 10,000 New Jammers. thats coz there username hasnt been approved yet.
    No offence


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